The Olde English Pocket Beagle

Lots of intelligence in a small package, combined with loving, sweet dispositions in a diminutive body. They are not the diggers and noise makers that their larger cousins are. Their soft melodious voices are seldom heard.

There are no Pocket Beagles left in England, Ireland or Scotland. While still somewhat popular in the U.S. until the mid 1970’s they were no longer winning in the field trials. The larger longer legged Beagles were faster and bringing home the trophies. Breeders were quick to abandon the small Beagles and breed for the larger, faster beagles. At this time, less than 1200 adults of the original type Pocket Beagles have been located in the U.S.


“The Beagle club was founded in 1890 and soon after issued a Standard of Points. This included a special paragraph relating to the Pocket Beagles, which read: “Pocket Beagles must not exceed ten inches in height. Although ordinary beagles in miniature, no point however good in itself should be encouraged if it tends to give a course appearance to such minute specimens of the breed…” Click here to read more.

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Size and Standard

Not all of the breeding stock that we are working with is at 10″. Heights vary from 8 1/2″ to 11 1/2″. Very rarely a puppy will exceed the 11 1/2″ height. It will take several generations to bring the size down genetically and consistently to 10″ or below. To allow for this difference the standard at this time is set at 12″ or under. With the smaller dogs being preferred in a breeding program provided they are conformationally correct.

Breed Standard Reference

How To Measure Height